The Science of Sex

November 10, 2017

The Science of Sex

by: Robert Fried, Ph.D.

It is common in our society to portray men in a near-constant state of sexual need, with their women counterparts being just one step behind them. Even the movies may feature actors, seemingly well past their prime, in steamy romantic scenes. This can make us ordinary guys feel pressured to perform. Fortunately, science offers us a key to renewed sexual performance.

Just say yes... to sexual performance.

Sexual Function is often termed "male performance." Performance, of course, requires attaining and maintaining an erection - and this depends on getting an adequate blood supply to the right places at the right time.

Only recently have we understood the science behind sexual function. In the last decade, new discoveries led to the revelation that the blood supply required to power the act of sex is fueled by Nitric Oxide -"NO." Basically, the body make NO from the amino acid L-Arginine, and when you are out of L-Arginine, you're our of gas! The 1998 Nobel Prize was actually awarded to three American scientists behind these discoveries.

Real Health's VasoRect Formulas supply the Arginine that's essential to sexual function. By enhancing the blood supply to the sexual organs, these products help support sexual performance.

How is function different from desire?

Medical research now tells us that sexual function may decline with age often due to reduced blood supply to the sex organs. Sexual desire, on the other hand, is affected by emotions, hormones, and our personal and social norms and practices.

Diminishing sexual function is seldom due to lack of desire. When sexual function is disappointing, however, men may experience anxiety and, down the road, lose desire. That's because we tend to avoid activities that may cause anxiety.

Both sexual performance and desire may rapidly return with the nutrient support provided by L-Arginine and other all-natural ingredients in the VasoRect product line. And, best of all, this product line offers you three distinct formulas, each designed with different levels of support for sexual function, energy and desire.

Additional tidbits of information

When you choose on of the VasoRect products to enhance your sexual performance, also remember that looking good and feeling good go hand hand-in-hand with looking and feeling sensuous. Keep in mind that some common preventable health hazards may interfere with looking and feeling good. Heed your doctor's advice and avoid conditions that are know to contribute to blood vessel damage: Poor diet, elevated blood pressure, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption seem to be unparalleled in their ability to reduce sexual function over time.

If you're taking prescription medications, as with any change to your regimen, be sure to let your pharmacist and doctor know that you are planning to adopt one of these natural formulas.

Bear in mind, nothing works for everyone. But if this works for you, and you want to write to us to rave about how it has benefited you, you won't be the first - you'll be joining others who've written us saying things like "i've got more bounce," "its a sort of relaxed energy," and "I didn't know sexual health could make me feel good all over."

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